Fields of specialization

  • Implementation of studies for the definition of ‘Areas of Organized Development of Aquaculture Activities’ known as ‘POAY’ (acronym of the respective Greek terminology), based on the spatial planning of the areas of interest, with emphasis on the rational management of coastal areas and in accordance to the specifications of E.U. and national legislation. One of the results of these studies is to strengthen the environmental sustainability of the aquaculture sector and to enhance its image. Besides these studies reduce cost and time for delivering licenses for aquaculture operators.

  • Implementation of studies for both marine and land based aquaculture facilities (eg hatchery, packing facilities etc). The work undertaken concerns the preparation of planning and environmental studies, design and development of investment projects on the beach and coast line, issuing of water use permit, veterinary permit and waste disposal studies.

  • Management plans (Protected Areas of the Kalamas River and Estuaries, Prefecture of Thesprotia
    , National Marine Park of Alonnisos, Northern Sporades, Planning of sand mining activities in Axios River, Prefecture of Kilkis.

  • Sustainable development of fisheries dependent areas.

  • Fishing effort management plans.