Planning and implementation of studies for aquaculture projects with sea based and land based facilities (establishment, expansion and modernization and/or relocation):

  • Marine on growing farms (fish farming, shellfish farming)

  • Land-based farms (hatcheries, pre-growing facilities, packaging and processing plants, shellfish depuration and dispatch centers, distribution centers, warehouses, infrastructure of animal by-products management, other land-based facilities, small scale dock and pier facilities).

  • Mediterranean marine fish farms planning (sea-bass, sea bream, red sea bream, sharpsnout sea bream, black bream etc), trout, carp, eel, mussels, oysters etc in open as well as closed and “bio-secured” recirculation systems.
  • ‘New species’ aquaculture planning (blue-fin tuna, yellowtail, grouper, croaker, sole, brill, shrimp, frog).
  • Studies for sponge culture.
  • Studies for ornamental fish culture.
  • Studies for the establishment/modernization of traditional aquaculture operations of semi-intensive / extensive type.
  • Planning of aquaculture and fisheries activities integrated with alternative touristic activities (eco-tourism etc).
  • Research and Development (R & D) for the integration of environmentally friendly novel technology, for quality improvement and cost efficiency.
  • Innovative technology pilot projects.