Aquaculture ProjectNAYS’ Ltd mission is the provision of specialized consultative services and the conduct of studies regarding fisheries, aquaculture, environmental issues, spatial planning, coastal zone management and global regional development. In addition, it offers consultative services related to maritime issues, renewable energy projects, ecotourism, quality assurance systems, market research, agro-product branding and processing. The company operates in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Criteria and it is accredited with the necessary consultancy certificates by the Ministry of Environment & Energy for the elaboration of Environmental and Ichthyological Studies.

NAYS is registered in the List of Suppliers and Services of the Special Management Service of the Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea, Ministry of Rural Development and Food, since 2017.

Yellow Bigeye Snapper fish shoal on coral reef

Clients turn to NAYS for the wide range of services and projects it offers in Greece and Europe. Our combination of experience, innovation and expertise gained by working on the above mentioned fields for many years results in generating competitive and challenging outcome for our clientele. Moreover, NAYS keeps up with the latest international technology developed and research carried out in the aquaculture or related fields which our highly-skilled personnel and partners incorporate in our studies and projects.

Towards that direction, NAYS continuously invests on its personnel and adopts modern technology methods, aiming at unceasing improvement of services provided, thus improving cost effectiveness.

The awareness of the requirements of E.U. and National Legislation secure the high-quality level of the outcome.

The company’s human resources are scientifically trained and have significant experience in the assessment, management and administration of projects and programs. In addition, the company has a wide network of external collaborators such as specialized scientists, university and research institutions and some of the largest developmental consultancies in Greece.

Ms Ioanna Argyrou, Founder and CEO of NAYS Ltd, is a senior Biologist – Ichthyologist, member of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece and a highly experienced consultant and technical advisor in the fields of environmental and spatial planning studies, fisheries and aquaculture since 1988.