I. Studies for the definition of ‘Areas of Organized Development of Aquaculture Activities’ (‘POAY’ - acronym of the respective Greek terminology)

Within the framework of these studies Maritime Spatial Planning in the coastal zone and Mapping of POAY as well as, Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment are carried out and the creation of Collective Actions within POAY is assessed.

More specific the following:

The identification of suitable (spatially and environmentally) locations for the development of POAY in a particular area – Marine and Land Zone Planning -, occurs while addressing among others:

  • Carrying Capacity Studies
  • Implementation of the Marine Framework Strategy Directive
  • Habitat Mapping in coastal and offshore areas
  • Determination of Good Environmental Status indicators and targets
  • Monitoring of water quality parameters within P.O.A.Y. Suggestions for the functional adaptation and harmonic co-existence of P.O.A.Y. with their surroundings
  • NAYS Ltd also offers consulting services for P.O.A.Y. Establishment procedures concerning the Management and Administration Body “Operator” of P.O.A.Y.
Studies for the definition of ‘Areas of Organized Development of Aquaculture Activities

II. Aquaculture Projects

  • Site Selection based on multicriteria analysis (Electre method)
  • Planning and conduct of studies for Aquaculture Projects (establishment, expansion and modernization and/or relocation):
  • Mediterranean marine fish farms planning (sea-bass, sea bream, red sea bream, sharpsnout sea bream, black bream etc), freshwater fish farms planning (trout, carp, eel etc), ‘New species’ aquaculture farms planning (bluefin tuna, yellowtails, groupers, croakers, soles, brills, shrimps, frogs), shellfish farming
  • Land-based farms planning (hatcheries, pre-growing facilities, packing and processing plants, shellfish depuration and dispatch centers, distribution centers, other land-based facilities, small scale dock and pier facilities).
  • Aquaculture Waste Management Systems Design in the context of Bioeconomy and Circular Economy
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Implementation of projects in the context of anticipating, preparing and adapting to scenarios driven by Climate Change
  • Studies for the establishment/modernization of traditional aquaculture operations of semi-intensive / extensive type (lagoon etc.)
  • Consultative Services for the Licensing of Projects in the context of National and E.U. legislation
  • Planning of aquaculture and fisheries activities integrated with alternative touristic activities (eco-tourism etc)
  • Research and Development (R & D) for the integration of environmentally friendly Novel Technology, for quality improvement and cost efficiency
  • Innovative technology Pilot Projects
  • Conduct of studies on the field of biological aquaculture, according to E.U. and National legislation
  • Conduct of studies for the development of branded products

Additionally, it is mentioned that the company has carried out:

  • The establishment of a novel land-based aquaculture unit for the pre-growing of mediterranean marine fish
  • The establishment, modernizationand expansion of marine farms for the fattening (‘penning’) of bluefin tuna, Thunnus thynnus
  • The establishment of a land based Biosecure, fully re-circulating, monitored greenhouse enclosed facility, for the intensive production of the black tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon
  • The establishment of an ornamental fish hatchery with a fully re-circulating system

Design and Conduct of Techno-economic Studies, within the framework of sustainable development and for the encouragement of competitiveness

  • Business Plans funded under E.U. and National Developmental Programs
  • Technical support in the implementation of projects in the field of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Studies for the processing, marketing and distribution of fishery products
  • Cost evaluation assessments for the viability of aquaculture farms and fish-processing plants
  • Studies for the design of fish-feed factories and fish-packing plants
  • Market research and evaluation for equipment and know-how
  • Monitoring of the implementation of investment programs
  • Conduct of reports for project certification mechanisms
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