“Cooperation” of the 7th Framework programme for Research and Development

The Food Intelligence (FINISH) Consortium has decided to provide a financial contibution for the implementation of the project, called Fish Direct Purchase & Traceability (FerTility).

The FerTility platform provides reliable solutions to the fish producers so as the current isolation between them and the consumers, and the difficulty to approach each other will no longer exist. The consumer has now the ability to select fish from an aquafarm or a supplier (fisherman) of his choice, while there will also be selections regarding the form of the fish. Freshness and traceability will be ensured through special temperature sensors that will be placed in the pack of the fish and will communicate data concerning the traceability of the fish (the ability to fully trace the fish from the point of sale back to the place of origin).
(Client: Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH / Accelerator Finish, UPCOM Ltd)

Network of Maritime Training Academies and Institutes in the Mediterranean Sea Basin

The European Commission has appointed ECORYS Nederland BV (in consortium with MRAG Ltd and s.pro GmbH) to conduct a study which focuses on a possible network of maritime training Academies and Institutes in the Mediterranean sea basin. The study aims at providing policy makers with an assessment of the feasibility, added value and available options of the launch/enforcement of a network between organizations. This network will be available for the education and the training in relation to the marine and maritime economic sectors. As a result, these sectors will benefit from the above mentioned cooperation in terms of enhancing the competitiveness of the blue economy and the enforcement of the skills and employability.
In that respect, NAYS which is subcontracted by MRAG, provided an integrated overview of the Institutes and the Organizations which are eligible for the education and the awareness related to the marine and maritime professions. The project covers the area of Eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey).
NAYS has organized two focus groups in Larnaca and Athens with participants from EU and non-EU Countries.
(Client: EASME / EC DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries / Ecorys, MRAG)