Fisheries Sector

Socioeconomic studies Fish fry recruiting devices for ecological restoration through bio-manipulation Discards utilization and the implementation of the Landing Obligation Sustainable development of fishing areas Fishing effort management plans Cost Benefit Analysis

Aquaculture Sector

I. Studies for the definition of ‘Areas of Organized Development of Aquaculture Activities’ (‘POAY’ – acronym of the respective Greek terminology) Within the framework of these studies Maritime Spatial Planning in the coastal zone and Mapping of POAY as well as, Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment are carried out and the creation of Collective Actions within POAY is assessed. More specific…

Management Plans

NAYS Ltd undertakes the Environmental Assessment of the Area, Identification of Anthropogenic Pressures/Activities as well as the definition of main problems. Planning with Suggestions – Measures – Public consultation – Management actions are carried out specializing in the following areas: Protected Areas and Areas of Special Conservation Status Rivers and Estuaries Coastal Zone

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies based on National and European legislation are carried out in the context of sustainable development and Environmental footprint reduction, specializing in various sectors such as: aquaculture the rural sector tourism agrotourism renewable energy resources In the above context, Specific Ecological Evaluation Studies are conducted for the areas of expertise for projects and…